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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement
To promote love for God, thirst for knowledge, and concern for others from a Christian world-view by rigorous academic, spiritual and physical preparation.

Educational Philosophy  
The educational philosophy of Mountainside Christian Academy is structured around the Bible as the only and inerrant Word of God and the belief that God’s Word is fundamental to every aspect of the Christian School program. All of one’s behavior, philosophy, and thoughts emanate from one’s basic religious beliefs.

All subjects are taught with basic Christian emphasis and are interwoven with Scriptural principles and examples to blend the teachings of a Christian home, school, and church.

The highest priority for us is to train students to look at life from God’s point of view, and to always strive for excellence.

Educational Objectives
The educational objectives of Mountainside Christian Academy are patterned after the principles found in Luke 2:52 “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man.”

1. Spiritually – The foundational aim of Christian Education is to bring the student to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and then to challenge that student to completely surrender to Christ as Lord. This is accomplished through scripture memorization, daily school devotions, inspirational chapels, Christian service and developing a personal quiet time.

2. Intellectually – The academy will encourage and stimulate the student to think for himself within the framework of God’s principles and to study God’s Word and God’s world, ie., reading, writing, arithmetic, social sciences, natural sciences. MCA aims to have students consistently excel in standardized testing and to be generally prepared to continue their education in whatever field God calls them.

3. Physically – The school will provide a program of physical fitness which endeavors to develop the students coordination, health and competitive spirit.

4. Socially – MCA seeks to establish in the student ideals and habits of Christlike living in common life and in all human relations, endeavoring to develop wholesome attitudes and godly character.