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Host Family Responsibilities

High School USA Host Family Responsibilities
Hosting is a unique opportunity for your family to make a difference in the life of a student, while learning about another culture. Please contact Quest International if you are interested in beginning what may become a life long relationship with one of our international students.

Cultural Exchange
First and for most, host families should have a sincere interest in learning about the student’s culture and sharing their own culture. Families should embrace the difficult yet rewarding experience of merging different cultures and backgrounds into one household.

A host family should provide breakfast, a bag lunch and dinner for the student. Cooking meals and sharing mealtime with your student is one of the most important ways to connect as a family.

Students must have their own bed in a clean and comfortable space. In some cases, students may share a room with a sibling of the same gender and similar age. Students must also have a quiet place to study, whether it is in the bedroom or in some communal space in the home.

Host families should be engaged in the student’s life and plans. These students are teenagers and they will require support and supervision. We want to ensure that students are safe and that they feel like a part of the host family.

Extracurricular Activities
We encourage students to participate in sports or after school activities. After school arrangements will require your help and support, whether you are driving the student, helping to arrange a carpool, or showing them the public transportation system. We ask that families are willing to work with students to make these arrangements as much as the family schedule permits.

We understand that some families are not able to drive their student to school everyday. We work with host families to come up with a transportation plan, whether it involves a school bus, local carpool or public transit. The student and natural parents are responsible for transportation costs such as a school bus fee.

Monthly Stipend
A monthly stipend is our way of showing appreciation for your commitment to hosting. Families receive the stipend directly from our national office once a month. The amount is meant to offset some of the costs of hosting. Unlike room and board programs, the payment is not intended to pay for rent or a mortgage, as it is not income.

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