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Student Life

Bus Transportation: Requests to ride public school buses must be filed with the respective school district by April 1. If a student desires to ride home with a friend, a parent’s permission note must be given the teacher, who will forward it to the bus driver that day.

Cell Phones: During school hours, cell phones should be left in your vehicle, locker or school office. Cell phone usage is not permitted
during school hours. Inappropriate pictures or messages are unacceptable and may violate NY State laws.

Closed Campus: Students may not leave the school grounds during school hours without permission. The penalty for unauthorized absence is a two-day suspension for the first offense and dismissal from school for the second offense.

Field Trips: In connection with their studies, students have a number of field trips scheduled during the year. These experiences are designed primarily to enrich learning. Parents will be notified of such planned trips and permission slips will need to be signed and returned to the office.

Fund-raising/Solicitation: Fund-raising by students who are part of organizations not affiliated with Mountainside Christian Academy is limited to general announcements by the administration. Please send such requests to the Principal’s office for approval and announcement.

Library: The school library is located downstairs in the church building. Students are permitted to check out three books at a time. The check out-period is two weeks. The library contains thousands of books by both Christian and non-Christian authors. Books undergo a general screening before they are added to the library collection; however if you find a book with objectionable material in it, please bring it to the attention of the school office. It will be evaluated at that time.

Lockers: Lockers are for students in grades 7-12. Lockers are church/school property, and are subject to search by church/school personnel at any time. “S” hooks supplied by MCA must be used to keep the lockers closed. Do not use tape to hang things up inside of your locker. Gym bags are to be stored in lockers except during P.E. and athletic practices. Books and supplies should be stored in lockers as well. Coats and sweatshirts may be hung on coat racks or in lockers. They may not be worn during the school day unless going outside or in the gym.

Lost & Found: For students in the MIC and the MAC buildings, Lost & Found will be at the MAC. Check with the teacher or school secretary to claim items. Retrieval fee is .25 cents per item.

For students in the church building, the Lost and Found will be in the upstairs closet in the lobby. Students should ask their teacher for permission to look for lost items. Retrieval fee is 25 cents per item.

Unclaimed items will be donated to the MBC Share Shop.

Medical Concerns: A note from a student’s physician is required for regular dispensing of medication. This note must include the directions and dosage as well as the time period for which the note is valid.

On occasion Ibuprofen/Tylenol may be available to 7-12 grade students from the school office upon special request.

Medications will only be administered to kids Pre-6th grade with written permission and/or by calling the parent and getting permission.

Parents are notified of any appreciable injuries that occur at school. If an injury requires medical attention, the parent will be called, or the student’s family doctor, or a doctor of the school’s choice (in that order). If an emergency occurs, the emergency squad will be called and then parents to insure speedy attention to the matter.

Please keep in mind that general doctor and dental appointments  should be scheduled for after school hours.

Off-Limits: The following locations should all be considered off-limits by students unless they have received special authorization from a staff member: teacher’s desks and file cabinets, closets, vehicles, offices, church sanctuary (including playing the instruments).

Parental Involvement: Parents’ orientation is usually scheduled the second week of school. This meeting is helpful in promoting good understanding among parents or guardians, faculty and administration.

Parent/Teacher Fellowship (PTF) or Grade-grouped Coffees will be held three to five times per year.

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled both in the fall and Spring quarters. Both parents are urged to attend.

Parents are urged to be at all of these informative and helpful programs.

Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time, provided the visit is arranged beforehand. They are urged to call for appointments with teachers, which will be arranged outside regular class hours.

All parents/visitors must check in with the school office before proceeding to classroom. Please leave notes, clothing, lunches, and such things at the school office.

The elementary class building is locked during school hours. Elementary students arriving late must report to the school office. For security, teachers are not permitted to open doors for anyone.

Recording: The responsible use of audio/visual recording devices is expected. Inappropriate use, as determined by the administration will be subject to disciplinary measures.

School Closings: in case of inclement weather or emergency, school may be closed. Notification will be done through the ‘Grapevine,’ a telephone system linking all school families. ‘Grapevines’ are updated each year and current copies are sent home at the beginning of each school year. School closings are also reported on the following TV stations: WNYT, WRGB, WTEN, WXXA, WPTZ, WNNE. If the district in which you reside is closed for weather related issues that interfere with traveling, you may opt to remain home without an absence penalty. School will progress so work will need to be made up.

School Hours: School begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:20 p.m. All students should arrive and depart – in dress code attire.

Security Drills: Security drills are conducted on a regular basis throughout the year.

Spring Banquet: MCA holds an annual Spring Banquet. This provides students in grades 9-12 to have a social ‘dress up’ occasion. Students are able to experience dating in a Christian context, and they learn how to practice the appropriate etiquette for formal occasions. During school, instruction is provided on how to ask a girl for a date, how to accept or decline properly, and what responsibilities each has for this particular event.

The banquet is held off-campus in a local restaurant. The program generally includes a speaker, music, games and awards. The banquet concludes at approximately 8:30 p.m.

This is a dress-up activity; however the banquet is not a semi-formal or formal event. Students have traditionally gotten very dressy with their evening attire. Prom type gowns are not required or even suggested as they often fall outside of the modesty guidelines. Dressed up, modest and in good taste would be appropriate words to describe the attire for the evening.

Using scriptures such as II Cor. 10:31. . “do all to the glory of God.” and I Tim. 2:9 . .“that women adorn themselves in modest apparel” guidelines have been drawn up for “Banquet Dress” They are detailed in the Dress Code section of this handbook.

After the banquet students often participate in activities such as miniature golf, bowling, etc. After-banquet activities are not sponsored by the student council nor MCA and as such they are not chaperoned. Participation in these activities is at the discretion of the parents.

Summer School: Paces are available for students who need to make up course work. Students will be given a packet of three paces at a time. Twelve paces make up a one credit course. All tests must be taken at MCA. Arrangements must be made in advance of taking the test to insure that sufficient staff is available to monitor the test. There is a fee for this service.

Telephone Policy: Phone calls made by students should be kept to a minimum for emergencies. All calls should be made from the office phone.

Vehicles: Student use of vehicles is a privilege which carries with it great responsibility. The privilege may be revoked at any time. Student’s are to park in front of the MIC building. All student vehicles must be registered with the school office. Vehicles are off limits during school hours. Observe a 10 m.p.h. limit on school property.

Withdrawal: Parents who wish to withdraw their student from MCA should notify the school Principal and then go to the office to settle all accounts. If the school account is paid a transcript can be sent to the next school upon request of the parent or the next school.